Prof. Mark Fenlon

Prof Mark Fenelon is the Head of Food Research at Teagasc and responsible for the programme at the research centres located at Moorepark, Fermoy, Co. Cork and Ashtown, Dublin in Ireland. He is a Senior Principal Research Officer and was appointed to his current position in March 2015. Mark was appointed Adjunct Professor at University College Dublin, Ireland (School of Biosystems and Food Engineering) on 1stJune 2020 and appointed Adjunct Professor, University College Cork, Ireland (School of Food and Nutritional Science, College of Science, Engineering and Food Science) on 1st June 2021. Mark began his career in Teagasc as a Senior Research Scientist in 2004. Prior to joining Teagasc, Mark worked in the Infant formula industry in the research and development area. He graduated with a B.Sc. in Food Science and Technology from University College Cork, Ireland in 1994, a PhD in Food Science and Technology in 2000 and a Diploma in Process and Chemical Engineering in 2007. His main research interests are in dairy (and plant based food) chemistry and related processing technologies. He has expertise in rheology, protein – carbohydrate, protein – mineral interactions and associated instrumentation / analytical techniques. He has extensive experience in food formulation, processing and functionality from both an industrial and academic perspective.