Subthemes and Topics

The overall theme of the Workshop is ‘Realising the true potential of nonthermal of processing technologies in future food production.’

Abstracts are welcome in any one of the following sub-themes:


Sub-Theme 1: Sustainability of Food Supply for the Future Through Innovative Nonthermal Processes

1.1 Process intensification and efficiency

1.2 Process design and control

1.3 Enhancement of mass transfer in foods

1.4 Barriers to industrial uptake

1.5 Resource efficient processes


Sub-Theme 2: Role of Nonthermal Technologies in Future Foods from Alternative Sources for an Increasing Global Population

2.1 Potential and challenges in the production of foods from alternative sources

2.2 Extraction/Accessibility of macronutrients and micronutrients

2.3 Bio-refinery and Bio-economy

2.4 Valorisation of waste streams


Sub-Theme 3: How Will Nonthermal Technologies Play a Part in Future Local and Global Food Safety and Security

3.1 Decontamination of foods

3.2 Role in food security

3.3 Shelf life extension of foods

3.4 Potential process-induced chemical and toxicological issues

3.5 Legislative framework for novel technology adoption (perspectives from multiple jurisdictions)

3.6 Understanding the kinetics and mechanisms of inactivation of micro-organisms, enzymes, viruses, allergens and toxins


Sub-Theme 4: Meeting Future Consumer Demands for Quality, Nutritious and Healthy Foods with Nonthermal Processing Technologies

4.1 Minimal and hurdle processing

4.2 Effect on micro and macro food structure, physical properties, bioactive constituents of plant and animal foods and food enzymes

4.3 Nutrient retention, accessibility and availability (including elevation in bio-accessibility)

4.4 Consumer attitudes to non-thermal technologies